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Extruded Rubber Products

Extruded rubber bulb seals developed by us are available in various dimensions to befit the needs and requirements of different clients. These industrial rubber seals are manufactured from material of superior quality, which is quality checked by our quality controllers to products the defect free products. We offer bulb seals rubber profiles, corona discharge tubing etc., which are pocket friendly in prices.

Bulb Seals
Bulb Seals

Western Rubbers India Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer, exporter & supplier of rubber bulb seals with various sizes, shapes, bulband wall thickness from variety of different rubber compound that are recognised worldwide.

We have hundreds of different shapes and sizes tooling of rubber bulb seals, extruded rubber products, bulb seals weather stripping. Many of standard sizes are available for immediate delivery. Our tooling portfolio is constantly changing. If a size and shape you require is not available, we will be pleased to custom manufacture and export it for you immediately.

Corona Discharge Tubing
Corona Discharge Tubing

We offer premium quality discharge tubes for preventing the flow out of an electrode material, deterioration of electrodes, and the like, caused by corona discharge, as well as for increasing power to be supplied to the laser discharge tube by improving the heat-dissipating property and insulating property of the electrodes. Available in various imensions.

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